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Windebank Elementary
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Administration & Office

Principal: Ms. Angela Condon

Vice Principal: Ms. Christine Wozney

Admin Assistant : Ms. Teresa Stefanek

Admin Assistant: Ms. Carolyn Wilding (Thursday)


Division 1: Mr. Adam Kruger (Intensive Core French 6)

Division 2: Ms. Gina Sherwood

Division 3: Mr. Joe Huffman

Division 4: Ms. Alison Sward

Division 5: Mrs. Elan Scheck

Division 6: Mr. Pawan Manchanda

Division 7: Ms. Karly Alexander (Mon/Tues/Wed-am) & Mrs. Anoma Thilakeratne (Wed-pm/Thurs/Fri)

Division 8: Ms. Stephanie Dyer

Division 9: Mrs. Linda McStay

Division 10: Mrs. Sigrid LaForest

Divison 11: Ms. Colleen Taylor

Division 12: Ms. Shelly McConachie (Mon-Wed) and Mrs. Jen Hofer (Thurs-Fri)

Division 13: Mrs. Kara Ross

Division 14: Mrs. Nancy Werner

Division 15: Mrs. Terra-Lee McDonald (Mon-Thurs) and Mr. Glen Roberts (Fri)

Division 16: Ms. Tanya Smith

Division 17: Ms. Lindsay Veenstra

Division 18: Mrs. Sonja Hallam

Teacher Librarian: Ms. Megan Ross

Learning Support: Ms. Claudia Yung

Inclusive Support Program: Ms. Amanda Brien

PE (Tues-Thurs): Mr. Glen Roberts

Music: TBA

All staff may be contacted via email using: first name.last name 


Amanda BrienWebsite
Stephanie DyerWebsite
Robert Graham 
Sonja HallamWebsite
Jennifer Hofer 
Joe HuffmanWebsite
Adam KrugerWebsite
Sigrid Laforest 
Pawan ManchandaWebsite
Shelly McconachieWebsite
Terra-Lee McdonaldWebsite
Linda McstayWebsite
Glen Roberts 
Megan RossWebsite
Elan ScheckWebsite
Gina SherwoodWebsite
Tanya SmithWebsite
Alison SwardWebsite
Colleen Taylor 
Kelsey TaylorWebsite
Anoma ThilakeratneWebsite
Lindsay VeenstraWebsite
Nancy WernerWebsite
Claudia YungWebsite