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Windebank Elementary
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Call for Student Artwork

September 18, 2023
​The Board of Education would like to use student artwork on the cover of the 2023-2026 Strategic Plan. We are excited to announce the opportunity for Mission students to submit their artwork to be featured on the cover of the 2023-26 Strategic Plan.
Guidelines All (hand) drawn submissions need to be...

Scent Aware

August 23, 2018
​**Windebank is SCENT aware** Due to allergies, we make every effort to be a scent- free school. Please refrain from wearing perfume, cologne or lotions if you are coming to the school.

Nut Aware

August 23, 2018
​**Windebank is NUT Aware** Windebank has several students who have life-threatening allergies to all tree nuts. As such, Windebank Elementary is a "Nut Aware Zone.” Please help us keep our school safe by not sending or bringing any nuts or nut products (including “trace amounts,” “may contain…,” “processed in a facility...