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Welcome to the Windebank Elementary School Website:

Welcome to Windebank Elementary School, located in beautiful Mission, British Columbia, Canada. Our students range in age from Strong start through to Grade Six. Our school offers a variety of experiences for students in the area of sports, music, and creative thinking.

Windebank Elementary School was officially opened on June 15, 1967 and was named in honour of William J. Windebank, the first mayor of Mission City. On May 30th, 1995 the school was moved to it's new home where it stands today.

With a student population of 314 Windebank is proud to host many exciting prgrams. In 2014 Windebank opened it arms to the Mission Early Learning Centre which it now hosts in the western portion of the building.

Here you will find information relevant for parents and students of Windebank., and some information on our Early Learning Centre. Please have a look around to learn more about our school's philosophy and expectations. Check back often for new updates.

Click here to view our School Growth Plan for 2017 - 2018.

About Windebank Elementary School

Windebank School Philosophy

Central to the Windebank Elementary School philosophy is that all children can learn if they believe in their ability to do so. At Windebank we work to create a positive learning environment which will inspire children to achieve their goals and develop a healthy lifestyle.

We are all learners, and, as we learn and grow, so does our self-confidence. If we can encourage children to believe in themselves as individuals and, with their parents, teachers, and friends, as part of a team, we can set them on the road to a successful and rewarding future.

The philosophy of any school is a framework of basic principles which serve as a guideline for the operation, structure and decision making that occurs in that school. As such, we believe:

Within this framework our mission is:

In its broadest sense, we try to keep in mind what sort of students we want to "graduate" from Windebank. It is our hope that students of Grade 7 leave us with the following:

  1. A high level of academic achievements - as high as our instructional skills and their instructional potential will permit. Students should leave with the confidence that they have achieved basic skills in communication, arithmetic, social and physical sciences, the arts and physical education.
  2. Students should have developed interpersonal skills. They should be self-confident, reliable and contributing citizens who have developed a respect for, and an understanding of, the laws and values of our society and take responsibility in shaping that society.
  3. They should possess a feeling of belonging, particularly as it relates to the school community.
  4. They should be physically and mentally healthy.
  5. They should be curious and creative.

We believe that if we graduate students with the above characteristics, parents would say, "Our children have had a good, solid education. They enjoy school and look forward to their future years with eager anticipation".

Click here to read the district Mission/ Vision Statement

Tributes to Past Administrators/Teachers

Mrs. Hudson Retires (June 2015)

How to Be Mr. Malfesi (June 2015)

A Tale of Two Very Important People (June 2015)


School Cash

Contact Info

Windebank Elementary
33570 - 11th Avenue
Mission, B.C., Canada
V2V 6Z2

P: 604 826 2213
F: 604 826 7381


Ms. Condon (Principal)

Mr. Klassen (Vice-Principal)


School Day


Warning Bell: 8:25           

Class time: 8:30-10:00

Recess: 10:00-10:15

Class time: 10:15-11:45

Lunch: 11:45-12:00 (eat)

Lunch: 12:00-12:25 (play)

Class time: 12:30-2:23

Dismissal: 2:23


2017/18 MPSD District Calendar


Upcoming Dates

September 4, 2018- School reopens